Oxalis control in container nurseries

Feb 8, 2020

The IR4 program conducts a significant amount of research to facilitate registration of pesticides (both conventional and biopesticides) on specialty crops.  The program also supports similar work on a range of non-food crops through the Environmental Horticulture program.

Recently, the IR4 Environmental Horticulture program (authors Vea, Hester, and Palmer) published an online report about a series of experiments conducted between 2008-2019 to evaluate Oxalis spp in container nurseries.  This summary of 27 experiments included a range of preemergence herbicides and some postemergence materials on several key oxalis species. 

Lots of great information in this 40 page report if you're interested in oxalis (varous woodsorrel, buttercup, oxalis common names) control. 

Here are the links:

Full report

IR4 Project webpage

IR4 Environmental Horticulture program

By Brad Hanson
Author - CE Weed Specialist

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