Water Managment Incentives - Ventura

Feb 24, 2020

Every little bit helps, and the Ventura County Resource Conservation District might help some Ventura growers.

The Ventura County Resource Conservation District (VCRCD) would like to remind agricultural producers about an existing incentives program, the Calleguas Creek Watershed Agricultural Management Measures Program (CCWAMMP). The purpose of CCWAMMP is to improve water quality in the Frontal Pacific and Revolon Slough subwatersheds of Calleguas Creek. To achieve this, VCRCD, with funding from the State Water Resources Control Board, will reimburse growers a portion of the costs needed to implement certain agricultural management measures (MMs) and irrigation efficiency upgrades. If you are a grower in the coastal region of the Calleguas Creek Watershed, please submit an on-line CCWAMMP Interest Survey to VCRCD today! The CCWAMMP interest form is available here

VCRCD is also pleased to announce that a new incentives program, Interactive Irrigation Management to Reduce the Leaching of Nitrogen (MRLN), is expected to start April 2020. The goal of the MRLN program is to help agricultural producers build irrigation and fertilizer schedules that reduce the potential for nitrogen leaching. To achieve this goal, VCRCD will provide participants incentives for lysimeters and soil moisture sensing equipment as well as free irrigation and nutrient management technical assistance. Specifically, VCRCD will work with the landowner and agronomy professionals (such as Cooperative Extension staff) to evaluate the lysimeter and soil moisture data and provide the participating landowner guidance concerning potential irrigation and fertilization improvements. If you are near a nitrogen-impacted waterway in Ventura County, please submit a MRLN interest form here

For more information about either of these programs, please contact Jamie Whiteford at jamiewhiteford.vcrcd@gmail.com.

By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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