Fire Resources

Jun 11, 2020

Fire Resources

Jun 11, 2020

Current fire activity in Ventura County reminds us that fire season is here. It's critical to be prepared. Here are some important resources to help you get ready and stay apprised of fire activity in Ventura County.

For the latest fire incident information, visit the Ventura County Fire Department website. This website also contains a wildfire action plan for farmers, ranchers and growers.

We also suggest you bookmark the VC Emergency portal. You can access the Ventura County Emergency Preparedness Guide in English and Spanish

Here are other resources we recommend:

  • Fire in California This is UC ANR's comprehensive fire resources website. This site contains the latest information on fire ecology; wildfire preparation; health and safety in wildfires; wildfire recovery; and more. Useful information for homeowners, land owners and land stewards.
  • CA Fire Science Consortium is a network of scientists and managers that strives to increase the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science information. 
  • LUC Lab at UC-Berkeley researching land and land use change.
  • CalFire's fire resources website, which provides many valuable resources for preparedness.
  • **NEW Wildfire Risk to Communities maps by US Forestry Service


Be sure to follow our UCCE Livestock & Range page on Facebook. Advisor Matthew Shapero helms that page and often posts fire information there. If you haven't had an opportunity to meet Matthew, you can learn more about his work in this blog post.


ICYMI, here's a #goodread about Pandemic and Wildfire: California is Preparing for a Crisis Within a Crisis

Stay safe.

By Rose Marie Hayden-Smith
Author - Emeritus - UCCE Advisor in Digital Communications in Food Systems & Extension Education; Editor, UC Food Observer; Food and Society Policy Fellow

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