What's for Dinner? Drama on a Sunflower Blossom

What's for dinner?

If you're a praying mantis nymph, Stagmomantis limbata, perched on a sunflower, sometimes it can be a long wait. Breakfast fades into lunch, lunch fades into dinner...

First you scout out your territory and spread out (hey, look at me)!. Then you lurk in the shadows (don't look at me; I am not here)!

Where, oh, where is the prey? 

And then it happens. Drama on a sunflower blossom.

This little nymph managed to snag what appeared to be a green bottle fly, or that's what it looked like at the onset. Toward the end it was as unrecognizable as whirled black-eyed peas and pureed ham hocks.

A fly might not be as tasty as a honey bee or a longhorned bee, but dinner is served. Bon Appétit!