Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Sep 19, 2020

A very special friend of our family celebrated an important birthday this past week, and brought over two of the chocolate covered strawberries she received as a present on this big day.

If you can believe it, I had never eaten this delicacy before - maybe it's my blue collar tastes or just plain never having had the opportunity. The fruit, unsurprisingly, was delicious, very juicy with the sweet of the chocolate combining perfectly.

Yielding to my professional instincts, I noted that the berries are likely not from this area, or at least I don't know the variety.  The flesh was firmer with a very light color.  Which it would have to be, considering it can't be bleeding into the chocolate.  Quality control on something like this must be incredibly high.  At some point, I'd also like to know how fruit like this is washed prior to dipping in the chocolate.  Maybe it's grown in a greenhouse in ultra clean conditions?

Anyway, a really great experience thanks to a very good friend!

By Mark Bolda
Author - County Director, Santa Cruz County and Farm Advisor, Strawberries & Caneberries

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