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Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat

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Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat (TOTSOCE) is a YOUTH-LED community service project organized by Ventura County 4-H to benefit our local food bank, FOOD Share*. Youth volunteers collect cans of food and other nonperishable food items to benefit over 75,000 monthly clients of FOOD Share throughout Ventura County.

Let's make October the month Ventura Youth rally against hunger!

Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat has been in action in the Ventura County community for more than 20 years. Our goal is 8,500 lbs. of food.

Secure online donations are also encouraged through the FOOD Share website. Ask friends and family to support your groups’ collection efforts with monetary donations that go a long way.  Every $1 donated enables FOOD Share to purchase $5 worth of nutritious food!

What do the YOUTH volunteers do? It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. JOIN Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat (TOTSOCE) email us at Totsoce@gmail.com and we'll send you a starter kit and all the information you need.
  2. COLLECT canned food or online donations in October. Weigh it so you can track how much you collected! (Please track and report your weight of collections to us at Totsoce@gmail.com)
  3. DELIVER your collections to FOOD Share:

FOOD Share in Oxnard
4156 Southbank Rd.
see map

Food Share can also arrange a pick-up if your group collects a substantial amount of food (200+ pounds). Call (805) 983-7100 ext. 135 to arrange a pick-up.

Creative ways to have fun collecting!

  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood during the collection period. (Be sure you always have an adult with you!)
  • Organize a food drive at your school, church, club meeting, or sporting event. You can contact Food Share to have collection bins dropped off and picked up for donations over 200 lbs.
  • Organize a food drive outside of a local grocery store (with their permission first).
  • Host a Halloween party and have friends bring canned food for admission!
  • E-mail an appeal e-mail for donations to your family, friends and contacts; be sure to include the link to the 4-H TOTSOCE webpage and the link to the FOOD Share's TOTSOCE online donation page. Monetary donations go a long way; for every $1 donated, FOOD Share is able to purchase $5 worth of nutritious food!
  • Social Media, post a link on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to FOOD Share's TOTSOCE online donation page so that friends and family can support your group's collection efforts with monetary donations. Also, don't forget to like our Facebook page!  Upload your photos too.
  • What other creative ideas can you share with us?

Who can join?

TOTSOCE encourages volunteer involvement from local youth groups, clubs, church groups, service organizations, schools, sports groups, families, individuals, and anyone else that wishes to join in this effort! To join, visit our join page for complete details by clicking on the following join button.

*NOTE: For those who would like to participate from different counties or states, simply locate your local food bank and feel free to use the materials here. You may contact us to obtain the original files for localizing. Please remember to register as noted below so that we can include you in our totals!