What is a Healthy Soil?

Jun 29, 2020

Join the discussion July 23

Public lecture series discussing methods used to assess and improve the health of your home and production soils.

About this Event

Three part webinar lecture series, staring speakers in industry, government, and the university system; covering the following soil health topics:

soil organic matter – interpreting soil test results – structure & function of plant roots – Mycorrhizae 101 – compost & cover crops – microalgae – biochar – FDA soil health perspectives – conservation tillage – organic production – pesticide effects – soil borne pathogens – ag engineering pest control.

PCA, CCA, and Pest Control continuing education credits requested for AZ, CA, NM, and NV.

More details to come on the CEU process.

Zoom webinar link will be posted soon,

but register now.

Module 1: Defining Soil Health

8:00am - 10:30am

Geoff Koch

Soil Science PHD Student: UC Davis

Defining Soil Health in the American Southwest

Dr. Joey Blankinship

Soil Science Professor: University of Arizona

Soil Organic Matter in Desert Agriculture

Sherri McLane

IAS Laboratories

Interpreting Soil Test Results

Dr. Glenn Wright

Extension Horticulturalist: University of Arizona

Structure and Function of Plant Roots

Scott Inman

Director of R&D: Mycorrhizal Applications LLC

Mycorrhizae 101

Module 2: Practices to Improve Soil Health

10:30am - 3:00pm

Dr. David Johnson

Adjunct Professor: New Mexico State University

Composting and Cover Crops

Dr. Kristine Nichols

Research Director: MyLand Company

The Role of Microalgae in Soil Health

Dr. Catherine Brewer

Assistant Professor: New Mexico State University

Biochar Production and Application Methods

Dr. Ataullah Khan

Senior Research Scientist: InnoTech Alberta

Biochar Application Development

Tim Lichatowich

Consultant: BioAg Product Strategies

Alternative Soil Amendments for Soil Restoration and Sustainability

Dr. David Ingram

Consumer Safety Officer: FDA-CFSAN Produce Safety Staff

FDA Perspectives on Soil Health

Dr. Michele Jay-Russell

Project Director: UC Davis Western Center for Food Safety

Organic Production Soil Health Considerations

Dr. Jeff Mitchell

Cropping Systems Specialist: UC Davis

Conservation Tillage in Vegetable Cropping Systems

Sharma Torrens

Conservation Education Director, AZ Association of Conservation Districts (AACD)

Funding for Soil Health Programs

Module 3: Soil Pest Control

3:00pm - 6:00pm

Dr. John Palumbo

Extension Entomologist: University of Arizona

Soil Applied Insecticides

Barry Tickes

Extension Weed Scientist: University of Arizona

Persistence of Herbicides in the Soils of the Low Desert

Dr. Stephanie Slinski

Associate Director: Yuma Center for Excellence in Desert Agriculture

Soil Borne Pathogens

Dr. Channah Rock

Extension Water Quality Specialist: University of Arizona

Water Treatment Effects of Soil Borne Pathogens

Dr. Mark Siemens

Extension Ag Engineer: University of Arizona

Point Injection Systems – Fertilizer/Pesticide Application with Minimal Soil Disturbance


By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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