Soil Health from a Desert Perspective

Aug 25, 2020

Soil Health from a Desert Perspective

Aug 25, 2020

Soil Health is not just one status or practice or one definition.  It needs to be in the context of climate in which it's being evaluated. All too often our definitions of a healthy soil come from climates radically different from a Mediterranean or desert climate.  A webinar was organized July 23 by the Univeristy of Arizona and presents the perspective of an irrigated agriculture.  Some of teh ideas might apply to your practices.

Desert Southwest Soil Health Webinar

University of Arizona Yuma County Cooperative Extension

Aug. 11, 2020

Contact: Robert Masson

Defining Soil Health (Module 1)

Part 1: Watch Video
Topic: Soil health in the American Southwest. Speaker: Geoff Koch
Topic: Soil Organic Matter as a Holistic Indicator.Speaker: Dr. Joey Blankinship
Part 2: Watch Video
Topic: Soil Testing Speaker: Sheri McLane
Topic: Structure and Function of Plant Roots. Speaker: Dr. Glenn Wright

Part 3: Watch Video
Topic: Mycorrhizae 101 Speaker: Scott Iman

Practices to Improve Soil Health (Module 2)

Part 1:Watch Video
Topic: Regenerating the Diversity of Life in Soils. Speaker: Dr. David Johnson
Topic: Microalgae as Foundational Stimulators of Soil Health. Speaker: Dr. Kristine Nichols
Part 2: Watch Video
Topic: Biochar Production and Application to Soils. Speaker: Dr. Catie Brewer
Topic: Biochar Application and Development. Speaker: Dr. Ataullah Khan

Part 3: Watch Video
Topic: Alternative Soil Amendments Speaker: Tim Lichatowich
Topic: FDA Perspectives on Soil Health Speaker: Dr. David Ingram
Part 4: Watch Video
Topic: Intersection of Soil Health and Food Safety Speaker: Dr. Michele Jay-Russell
Topic: California Organic Vegetable Farmers are Not Messing Around When it Comes to Soil Health. Speaker: Dr. Jeff Mitchell
Topic: Targeting Programs for Soil Health. Speaker: Sharma Torrens

Soil Pest Control (Module 3)

Part 1: Watch Video
Topic: Soil-applied insecticides in Desert Vegetables and Melons. Speaker: Dr. John Palumbo
Topic: The Persistence of Herbicides in the Southwestern Deserts. Speaker: Barry R. Tickes
Part 2: Watch Video
Topic: Soil Health and Plant Disease. Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Slinski
Topic: Impact of Agriculture Water Treatment for Waterborne Pathogens/Indicators Speaker: Dr. Channah Rock
Part 3: Watch Video
Topic: Point Injection Systems: Minimal Soil Disturbance Applicator. Speaker: Dr. Mark Siemens
Topic: Conclusions Speaker: Robert Masson

By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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