Avocado Irrigation Workshop Notes

Nov 23, 2022

Avocado Irrigation Workshop Notes

Nov 23, 2022

Avocado Irrigation Workshop


Ali Montezar in Avocado Grove
September 28, 2022.  •   1:00-4:00 PM
San Diego County Farm Bureau


This training workshop aims to focus on irrigation management related issues including drought and heat effects; irrigation management tools and information under development in California avocados; mapping salinity and strategies in managing salinity; water costs and planting density; and supporting programs for avocado growers. 


Dr. Ali Montazar
UCCE Irrigation and Water Management Advisor, San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Counties

Ali's UCANR Faculty Profile

Irrigation Management Tools and Information Under Development in California Avocados
Presentation Slides (PDF Slides, 8.30 MB)


Dr. Ben Faber
UCCE Subtropical Crops Advisor, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Ben's UCANR Faculty Profile

Drought/Heat/Salt Induced Orchard Problems:
Presentation Slides
(PDF Slides, 1.34 MB)


Dr. Dennis Corwin
Senior Research Soil Scientist, USDA Salinity Laboratory, Riverside

Dennis's USDA ARS Profile

Mapping Soil Salinity at Field Scale Using Geophysical Techniques:
Presentation Slides (PDF Slides 7.68 MB)


Dr. Peggy Mauk
Director of Agricultural Operations and Professor of Extension, University of California, Riverside

Peggy's UCANR Faculty Profile

Strategies in Managing Salinity for Avocado Production:
Presentation Slides (PDF Slides 3.01 MB)


Etaferahu Takele
UCCE Area Farm Management/Agricultural Economist in Southern California, San Bernardino

Etaferahu's UCCE Faculty Profile

High Density Avocado Planting: Impacts on Productivity and Water Cost:
Presentation Slides (PDF Slides 1.36 MB)

Agricultural Economics/Farm Management:


  • Avocado Sample Establishment and Production Costs and Profitability Analysis for San Diego and Riverside Counties. (link)
  • 2020 Avocado Establishment and Production Costs and Profitability Analysis in High Density Planting. (link)
  • Better growing: by Gary Bender. High Density Avocado Production, A Method to Improve Yield Per Acre. (link)


Luis Ramos
Mission Resource Conservation District (RCD), Fallbrook

Luis's Mission RCD Profile

Mission RCD Water Management:


Other Resources:

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CIMAS- California Irrigation Management Information System

UCCE- Agricultural Water Quality Home Page

Funding Assistance:

CA Department of Agriculture (CDFA) - Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation

Natural Resource Conservation Service-Environmental Quality Incentives Program (NRCS EQUIP)

Funding Opportunities Database - UCCE San Diego-Climate Resilient Agriculture Program

Avocado Irrigation Management:

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By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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