4-H Highlights from the UC Davis CA&ES Field Day

May 31, 2024

4-H Highlights from the UC Davis CA&ES Field Day

May 31, 2024

Ten 4-H counties participated in the UC Davis College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Field Day on Saturday, March 2, 2024. The 4-H teams competed in contests on Vet Science and Light Horse Judging, as well as the State Qualifier for 4-H Livestock Judging.

Placer County 4-H - Livestock Judging Team

Placer County 4-H had 4-H youth competing in both the Senior and Junior age divisions. In the Junior Division, the Ophir 4-H club was represented by Gabby, Julia, and Cameron. In the Senior Division, the 2024 CA 4-H State Champion Livestock Judging team was led by Joey S., Gabriella, Moriah, and Ella from Ophir 4-H Club. Ella was Second Overall High Point Individual and Gabriella was Third Overall High Point Individual. Fellow Ophir 4-H member, Matt, also competed in the Senior Division as an individual. They are coached by project leader Liza Stefani and Lucus Delap from Chico State University. This hard-working and enthusiastic team qualified to represent California 4-H at a national 4-H livestock judging contest in the 2024-2025 program year. They are excited to travel to Denver, CO to compete in the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held during the Western National Roundup in January 2025.

Merced County 4-H - Livestock Judging Team

The Merced County 4-H Livestock Judging team was split between the Junior and Senior age divisions. The Junior Team was led by Kai, Maysie, Anya, and Aubree from McSwain 4-H Club with Keira from Ballico 4-H Club competing as an individual in the Senior Division. This talented young group is coached by Leah Sanches and took home High Point banners in both age divisions.  Kai earned High Point banners for Junior Individual Overall, Beef, and Goats/Sheep. Maysie was Third Overall High Point Junior. In the Senior Division, Keira earned individual awards for High Point Overall, Beef, Goats/Sheep, Swine, and Reasons.

San Mateo County 4-H "Team of Two" 

The San Mateo County 4-H Livestock Judging “team of two” was led by Lucy and Fynn from the San Carlos Eaton Hills 4-H Club. They had a great day and were ranked second overall to earn a Reserve Champion Team banner. This small team did not have the required third member needed to qualify to represent California 4-H at a national competition this year.

“We are both from San Carlos Eaton Hills 4-H club in San Mateo County. We are very interested in animal science and love raising livestock. However, there are not many opportunities to get involved in agriculture or animal science where we live. This year, we decided to try livestock judging for the first time. We didn't know what to expect, but we ended up doing well and we learned a lot. Next year, we hope to find more people in our county to join a livestock judging project. We look forward to continuing with livestock judging and getting better for next year.” - written by Fynn and Lucy


Other counties that participated

San Luis Obispo County 4-H

The San Luis Obispo County 4-H team included Brooklyn and Josie in the Senior Division and Karis and Krew in the Junior Division. Karis was Second Overall Junior and High Point Junior in Reasons and Swine.

Sonoma County 4-H

The Sonoma County 4-H team included Trenton W. in the Senior division plus Ryan V., John J., Ryan S., and Bella C. in the Junior Division. The Sonoma County 4-H Junior Team was second place overall with their combined individual scores.

El Dorado County 4-H

The El Dorado County 4-H team included Rebeca R. and Shelby S. in the Senior Division and Emilee R. in the Junior Division.

Alameda County 4-H

The Alamedia County 4-H team included Makaela in the Junior Division and Kylie in the Senior Division.

Marin County 4-H

The Marin County 4-H team included Clare M. in the Senior Division and Frank M. in the Junior Division.
Yolo County 4-H was represented by Abigail B., Maxine C., and Addyson in the Junior Division.

Amador County 4-H youth in the Vet Science and Light Horse Judging contests

“Our Vet Science team placed 4th out of a huge number of teams and we were by far the youngest (ages 11, 13, 13, 15) next to all high school groups. Our Light Horse Judging member won all of the 4-H individual divisions with 1st and 2nds. No team placing since we didn't have a full team and were only allowed to compete as individuals.” - written by coach Kelsi Williams 

Light Horse: Lily and Ama
Vet Science: Lexi,  Saveah, Cecilia, and Haydin
Coach: Dr. Kelsi Williams