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Fall is spider season on the Central Coast and in many other areas of California as well. The most obviously active spiders during this season are the garden spiders, which weave large circular webs between bushes, trees, and vines to catch insects. Orb-weavers and Araneus spp. are other names for this group which contains over 1,500 species. The spiders that make the web are all females who need to catch insects so they can produce an egg sac containing several hundred eggs before they die in early winter. The orb-weavers or garden spiders produce enough venom to kill their prey, but not enough to be of any threat to persons. These spiders tend to be shy and will quickly retreat to a hiding place at the edge of the web if given the chance. Spiders are beneficial animals as they eat many moths, wasps, flies, and other flying insects that can be garden pests. No control is recommended. If the spider is spinning its web in an inconvenient location, catch it and move it to an out-of-the-way spot where it can weave another web without it being in your way.