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Propagating Williows

Willows are fairly easy to propagate from woody cuttings, and I assume corkscrew will will work just as easily.  Start by getting 3 or 4 one-foot long twigs from your friend's tree.  The twigs should be at least a quarter inch in diameter and have several buds (nodes).  These twigs should be buried (completely) in moist sand or potting mix.  You can lay them horizontally or stand them up in a 5-gallon pot.  Either way, bury them completely.  The cutting should be placed in a warm envirnoment (morning sun should be ok), but not so warm that they will cook (in a 5-gallon black plastic container).  Check the sand or rooting medium weekly to make sure it is moist.  However, do not keep the medium soaked.   If all goes well, in a few months green shoots will appear from the sand or the container.  Allow the shoots to grow to a foot or os in height, then carefully dig up the rooted cuttings and plant them where you want your willow tree.  If you placed the cuttings horizontally in sand, you may find that each node has produced a shoot in which case you will need to cut the original one-foot twig into several pieces - each piece being capable of producing a new tree.