Merry Buzzworthy Christmas!

Feeling the buzz on Christmas Day?

Bugs on your Christmas tree? You may have overlooked another "present": eggs of the invasive spotted landernfly may be on your tree.

Bot flies on reindeer? What you need to know about these flies! (Poor Rudolph! Is his red nose in jeopardy?)

Fleas Navidad? Alex Wild, UC Davis alumnus and curator of entomology, University of Austin, Texas, likes to observe "Fleas Navidad," a take-off of "Feliz Navidad." Follow him on Twitter to see what's buzzworthy. (He deleted his popular Facebook account.)

If you're lucky, you're enjoying an insect-themed Christmas, thanks to the Bohart Museum of Entomology (see list of Bohart gifts on Bug Squad blog); the UC Davis Entomology Graduate Student Association (EGSA) (see blog on t-shirts) or the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center (honey, Honey Flavor Wheels, note cards and classes).

If Santa forgot to bring you some insect-themed gifts, not to worry. The Bohart Museum, EGSA and the Honey and Pollination Center offer items year-around. And if there's a beekeeper in your family or a beekeeper-to-be, keep your eyes out for spring classes offered by Extension apiculturist Elina Lastro Niño. Her website is

Meanwhile, Niño is teaching a track on "Beekeeping and Management" on Sunday, Feb. 10 as part of the UC Davis School of Medicine's Winter Conference hosted by the Center for Continuing Education. Her topics include "Honey Bee Biology and Apiculture Overview"; "Common Issues in American Apiaries" and "Honey Bee Bacterial Diseases and Antibiotic Use." (See Bug Squad blog)

It's time to say:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Joyous Kwanzaa!
Yuletide Greetings!
Happy Holidays!
Joyeux Noël!
Feliz Navidad!
Season's Greetings!

Merry Buzzworthy Christmas!