Online Tools from UC IPM

Online Tools from UC IPM

Pest issues are much easier to deal with when you know what they are and have the right tools to address them. The UC Statewide IPM Program has several free, online tools to help you diagnose plant problems, determine if an animal pest is present, or get a monthly checklist of landscape tasks. These easy to access online tools will allow you to reach your IPM goals!

A photo of the Wildlife Pest Identification Tool.

Wildlife Pest Identification Tool

Animals can be pests in gardens and landscapes but often, you won't see them. Instead, you might see damage to plants or the ground, animal tracks, or droppings. UC IPM has a tool that can help you figure out what animal pest you have. The Wildlife Pest Identification Tool is a photo-based gallery of animal damage, tracks, and droppings. Once you've determined what animal is causing your problem, you'll be directed to information about biology and management for that specific pest. Access this tool here

Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool

Plant problems caused by insects, mites, environmental conditions, and diseases can be hard to tell apart. Use UC IPM's Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool when you have unhealthy-looking plants in your landscape or garden. This tool allows you to find out what is the cause of damage to specific trees, shrubs, and other flowering ornamentals. Simply choose the plant type, species, affected plant part, and observed damage to get a list of potential causes. You'll see information about the pest or disease with photographs and links to more information. To use this tool, go here.

Seasonal Landscape IPM Checklist

It can be overwhelming to schedule all the varied tasks that need to be done to manage pests in the landscape throughout the year. The Seasonal Landscape IPM Checklist is a monthly guide that can help landscape professionals, gardeners, and others use integrated pest management (IPM) solutions at the right time of year. This tool can help you manage or even avoid common landscape plant problems. The checklist includes tasks like monitoring for specific pests, implementing disease and insect control for fruit trees or applying mulch. The tool is specific to certain regions or counties in California as well as elevation. You'll see a monthly list of actions to keep landscapes healthy, common pest problems to look out for, and links to more information. Subscribe to this free resource to receive an automated email for that month's checklist in your region. Don't see your region listed? We are working hard to add more regions to the checklist that cover more areas in California. You can print out the month's checklist to share with others or as a record of planned or completed tasks. Find this tool here.

By Lauren Fordyce
Author - Urban and Community IPM Educator