Ants Come Marching In - UC IPM Citrus Update

Sep 5, 2023

UC IPM supports research and extension programs in integrated pest management (IPM). UC Agriculture and Natural Resources scientists adapt research for practical application, and Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists develop and deliver IPM programs to a variety of clientele, including professional pest managers, growers, residents, and agencies. UC IPM staff work with UC ANR scientists to develop "how-to" materials that help the clientele carry out programs and solve pest problems.

To complement the extension programs, UC IPM staff members coordinate development of a variety of materials that explain how to carry out pest management tactics and strategies. Working with UC ANR experts, program staff produce and maintain an extensive array of print and Web-based publications, databases, training materials, and interactive tools for decision making.

Examples are the pest management guidelines and a home and landscape database of pest solutions for residential audiences, IPM manuals for specific crops, books about IPM in landscapes and gardens, a variety of books on pesticide safety, and an extensive weather database that supports interactive pest models.

And now they are happy to announce the publication of a new update to the Citrus PMG. The Year-Round Program has been updated, Ants, Asian Citrus Psyllid, and Huanglongbing

And to learn more about Ant control in citrus, cherimoya and passion fruit, look into the upcoming workshops, September 19 and 21:

By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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