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Past Emerald Star Projects


2020-Virtual Primary Field Day – Ashley Pyler

2019-Alpaca Farm Day – Claire Boone

2019-Horticulture Project - Nadja Klem

2018-Help for the Homeless - Alexandra Thomas

2017-4-H Southern California Healthy Living Fair – Jessica Poland

2016-Tote Bags and Toys for the Homeless  – Nicole Bellmore

2016-How to Prepare Your Goat - Rebecca Paxson

2015-                              -  Caleb Phillips

2015-Visiting Seniors - Spencer Wittrock

2014-Equine Showmanship Clinic & DVD  - Elizabeth Paxson

2014-Sheep Shearing Clinic & DVD - Francesca Cerri

2013-No Animal Left Behind – Harrison Hargleroad

Alpaca Day

August 2013 HH Emerald Star