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Our offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our team is telecommuting from home. We are available via phone and email. 

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Avocado, Citrus, Minor Subtropicals

Ben Faber covers issues of soil management by way of fertilizer, irrigation, and erosion control. In tree crops he works primarily in avocado, cherimoya, litchi, longan, and citrus.


The U.C. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisors have combined to publish this quarterly combined newsletter. It will emphasize citrus and avocado, but will also discuss the minor subtropicals.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Topics in Subtropics v. 18 - Spring 2020

Our numbering got off, but we're back on track. Welcome to v. 18 of Topics in Subtropics, Spring 2020.


TOPICS IN THIS ISSUE – Ben Faber, Editor

  • An Automated Delivery System for Therapeutic Materials to Treat HLB Infected Citrus
  • On-Farm Research
  • Citrus Dry Root Rot
  • Beth Grafton-Cardwell to Retire


  • What are the UC Ag Experts Talking About?
  • Memorial to Dr. Travis Bean
PDF 6/17/20