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Our offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our team is telecommuting from home. We are available via phone and email. 

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Ventura County devotes a significant amount of acreage and annual production to vegetable crops.  According to the California County Agricultural Commissioner's Reports for 2012 the annual gross production value of Ventura County vegetable crops was $452,242,000 for 2012. 

Celery, tomatoes and bell peppers are our leading vegetable crops with a annual gross production value of $134,258,000 for celery, $75,819,000 for tomatoes and $48,395,000 for bell peppers.

To learn more about some of the work we are doing with vegetables, visit the following webpages:

Recent Meetings:  This webpage provide links to presentations and meetings given by UCCE Ventura related to vegetable production.   These presentations allow the public to review the information presented in the meeting at their own pace.

Disease:  Here information on research and disease threats to vegetable crops is presented.

Insects:  UCCE provides updates and research on insects, both beneficial and destructive, that affect can vegetable production.

Organic:  Organic farming is growing niche market for state and county produce.  On August 4, 2005 a meeting "Organic Vegetable Production Short Course" was presented.  Included are the presentations for that event.

Production:  This webpage provides information on aspects of vegetable production.

Water:  Irrigation, water use and water quality issues are important to vegetable production particularly in drought prone Southern California.  The meetings and publications presented here focuses on water related areas.

Weeds:  Information on controlling weeds in vegetable fields is presented here.

Water Quality Resources:  A comprehensive list of water related resources for growers in Ventura County only and Ventura and the Central Coast are found on these pages.