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Climate Smart Agriculture


Climate Smart Agriculture supports management practices that build soil carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve water use efficiencies, and promote sustainable land practices. The goal is to build agricultural resiliency to the impacts of climate change while using land management as a solution to the climate crisis. By increasing soil health, improving water use efficiency, and decreasing energy use, climate smart agriculture practices are a way to support farmers and ranchers to steward their land for future generations. 

Nicki Anderson is the Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist for UC Cooperative Extension in Ventura County. She provides technical assistance for farmers & ranchers with grants and can help in the application process.

Currently, the three grant funding opportunities available for Climate Smart Agriculture practices are closed for 2020, so Nicki is finding alternative ways to support Healthy Soils Practices in the region.

For more information on grants, visit the following links:

To contact Nicki, please feel free to call or email her at (805) 452-4182, or nanders@ucanr.edu.

Nicki Anderson

Climate Smart Blog
  • Alli Fish holding a radish.
    A Field Day for Cover Crops

    As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I have a certain affinity for cover crops. Mostly it is because I see enormous potential to increase the soil health and climate resiliency in Ventura County agriculture by incorporating cover crops. To shed...

    By Alli Rowe
    Author - Community Education Specialist
  • Triticale and Lamb-Hass. Photo credit: Chris Sayer
    Avocado Growers Talk Cover Crops

    Cover crops in avocados. How do you select species? When do you seed? Do they even work? What benefits do you notice? What are the management issues associated with cover crops? These were all questions addressed at a grower field day seminar entitled,...

    By Alli Rowe
    Author - Community Education Specialist
  • Pillars of Climate Smart Agriculture. FAO.
    Climate Smart Agriculture: What is it and who can help me implement it?

     What exactly is climate smart agriculture? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations coined the term climate smart agriculture as “an approach that helps to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural...

    By Alli Rowe
    Author - Community Education Specialist
    By Shulamit Shroder
    Author - Community Education Specialist II
What Is Climate Smart Agriculture?