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GWSS Photos

These pictures (except where otherwise noted) are by Phil A. Phillips, Area IPM Specialist Emeritus Ventura County and may be downloaded for your own use.

Adult Glassy-winged Sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulata, and Egg Mass (left). Photo by Jack Kelly Clark*. Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Parasitoid, Gonatocerus Ashmeadi. Exit Holes in Sharpshooter Egg Mass. Photo by Jack Kelly Clark*. Egg Mass of Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (~12x). Photo by Jack Kelly Clark*.
Large drops of watery excretion are produced by each insect every couple of minutes during feeding. Large numbers of GWSS gather on host plant stems to feed. Multiple egg masses on Pittosporum leaf from April egg laying period.
Egg mass ready to hatch. NOTE: eye spots of embroyos within egg.

Nymph nearly fully developed within the egg mass covering which has been torn off the leaf surface and turned upside-down for viewing 

1st stage (instar) nymph, 3-4 hours old. 

1st instar nymph. 

2nd instar nymph. 

3rd instar nymph. 


3rd instar nymph next to egg mass. 

Two Gonatacerus ashmead: parasitoids attacking and laying their eggs into a fresh gwss egg mass.

G. ashmeadi ovipositing into a gwss egg mass. Note gwss excrement debris collected on the tips of the antennae of the parasite as she tapped her antennae over the egg mass while identifying it as a host for her eggs. 


GWSS adults feeding on crepemyrtle stem during the spring. 

4th instar GWSS nymph ready to molt.

Freshly emerged adult GWSS from last nymphal molt - note red veins in wings and light color of exoskeltin before hardening to its normal dark color.


GWSS bulbous feeding pump and piercing stylet mouth parts. 

Colorful underside of GWSS adult.


*Jack Kelly Clark, Principal Photographer, University of California, Davis