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Little Black Ant

Monomorium minimum
Their runways are common outside around the house and yard, and they will nest under the sideway, in flower pots, under stones, and in houses. These ants have multiple queens per colony, and some researchers think that this ant which has spread throughout California is really just one huge colony. They are quick to move their nesting site if they are disturbed for any reason. They like some moisture, but not much. Therefore, as fall rains begin, they often move to “high ground”. Killing the ants on the walls, counters, etc., is like taking aspirin for a cold – you are treating the symptoms. If possible, observe where the ants are coming into the house. These are the plantsat which a spray program should be focused. Get it into the cracks, if possible. This chemical will both kill and repel the ants. You can vacuum up the trails along the base board and ceiling. Using chalking, putty, etc., plug the entry points after treatment. Also spray the base of the wall and foundation all around your house to discourage entry to newcomers. If you have bad ant problems, you may have to go through this ritual several times before you have disinfested your home, and the foundation area around the house. Also place bait stations around the foundation of your house where ant activity is noted.