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Moles are another “difficult to control” yard and garden pest. Moles are the little guys that “swim” through the soil and create the slightly raised tunnels in the process. Moles are also carnivores (meat eaters). They feed on worms, grubs, beetles, centipedes, and other “meat” that they find as they travel through the soil. In many of the “soft” soils on the Central Coast, they often travel quite deep in the soil. Burrows 5-6 inches deep under the surface are not uncommon in sandy soils. For this reason, spike traps and clamp traps are usually not successful. Since they are meat eaters, poison baits are also a waste of money. Gas bombs, if carefully placed, will kill or drive moles out of an area. Glass jar or bucket traps are also effective. However, if successfully used, you will have a live mole in the trap that must be dealt with. Cultural practices in your yard, which reduce the food supply (worms, grubs, etc.), will help discourage mole activity.