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Organizations serving agriculture

The avocado grower is blessed with many sources of information. There are many places you can go to seek help with your problems.

Cooperative Extension
669 County Square Dr., Suite 100
Ventura, CA 93003-5401
(805) 645-1462

Better known as the Farm Advisors office. It is an off-campus arm of the University of California. Its primary function is agricultural education. Seven advisors specialize in agricultural, family and consumer sciences and 4-H Youth Development Programs. Funding provided by State (55%), Federal (25%), and County (20%).

Agricultural Commissioner
815 E. Santa Barbara St.
Santa Paula, CA 93060
(805) 933-2926

The County Department of Agriculture is commonly referred to as the Agricultural Commissioner. Its primary responsibility is to enforce the rules and regulations that pertain to agriculture as outlined in the State of California Agricultural Code.

California Department of Food & Agriculture
1220 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 445-7126

The purpose of this organization is to develop an Agricultural Code with the necessary laws passed in the Legislature to protect our agriculture and to see these laws are enforced through the Agricultural Commissioner and his staff of inspectors.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
3380 Somis Road
Somis, CA 93066
(805) 482-4206

Formerly called Soil Conservation Service, it is an agency of the United State Department of Agriculture. With the assistance of two Resource Conservation District board of directors, they are involved with resource conservation practices in the county. Resources include soil, water and air. They offer technical assistance in terracing, orchard layout, erosion control, etc., etc. In cooperation with the University of California, they have developed and published Soil Survey Reports for most California counties.

Agricultural Stabilization & Conservation Service
90 W. Highway 246, Suite 4
P.O. Box 1637
Buellton, CA 93427
(805) 688-2727

ASCS is responsible for government subsidy payments, acreage controls and cost sharing practices for soil and water conservation practices. These practices and the amount of payment will vary with counties, depending upon local option.

Farmer's Home Administration
268 W. Halcyon Rd.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 489-6151

The FHA is a federal department that provides low-interest loans for agriculture. Administers the disaster relief programs if and when they are available. Their service is generally available as a last resource - after all other sources of financial aid have been explored and refused.

Farm Bureau
5156 McGrath St.
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 647-3552

The Farm Bureau is a private organization. They are a spokesman for agriculture in Washington, Sacramento and at the county level. They work with legislators to ensure that proper laws are enacted to protect agriculture and to make legislators aware of agricultural problems such as labor, taxation, land use, etc. Historically, Cooperative Extension and Farm Bureau have had a close alliance.

Farm Management

A number of professional land developers and managers are available. These companies can develop your land and/or maintain it for absentee owners. They make the management decisions for the owner.

Custom Farm Operators

Individuals or companies who assume the responsibility of the daily on-going cultural practices required to raise the crop. They may or may not make the management decisions for the owner.


Includes a very side group and variety of people such as agricultural laboratories, suppliers of equipment, pest control advisors, fertilizer companies, and suppliers of services such as accountants, bookkeepers, tax specialists, and innumerable other people who are available to help with your farming operation.

Marketing Organizations

Marketing organizations are concerned with marketing your crop after you have raised it. You have three choices: 1) cooperatives, 2) independents, or 3) cash buyers.