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Landscape Notes

This newsletter is for the people working in the commercial landscape industry.

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Dear Landscape Notes Readers, As part of my UCANR reporting requirements, I must evaluate the impact of my work.

Please fill out this short survey. It will only take a few minutes and is constructed so that you skip parts that don't apply.

I value your input which will be viewed by only me.

The survey is anonymous and your contact information is optional.
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Jim Downer

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Performance Impact Survey

PDF 1/8/20
Landscape Notes, Volume 28 Issue 2

This is issue contains the Sabbatical Report II, with information about 4 possible cultivars for California and information about the upcoming meeting in Arizona.

PDF 10/4/19
Volume 28, Issue 1

Interim Sabbatical Report

Arid land plants that may have horticultural value in California

Meeting: Trees of the Chiricahua Mountains— Biology, Ecology and Drought Adaptations.  October 2019



PDF 8/13/19
Landscape Notes Volume 27, Issue 3

Caring for Pruning Tools

PDF 12/14/18
Landscape Notes - September 2018 - Vol 27 - No.3 PDF 9/27/18
Landscape Notes Volume 27, Issue 2

You are Invited to Attend the 2018 Chiricahua Rendezvous. 

The Chiricahua Rendezvous is a meeting of arborists, naturalists, and biologists to study trees and their adaptations in the Chiricahua Mountains of South East Arizona.  

The Chiricahuas also offer us a laboratory to examine tree adaptations and natural history up close. The high species diversity, unique land-forms, soils, abundance of insects and animals, and sheer beauty of this part of the American Southwest are unlike anything else in the world.

When: October 8-12, 2018

Limit: 40 attendees

Cost: $475 which includes all meals, lodging and seminars

See attached brochure for details and Rendezvous agenda.

Use this link for quick registration use this link: 2018 Chiricahua Rendezvous

PDF 7/30/18
Landscape Disease Symposium from January, 2018

Landscape Disease Symposium

  • Botryosphaeria Canker of Landscape Trees: an Increasing Disease in Southern California
  • Understanding the Biology of Annulohypoxylon, Biscogniauxia, and Hypoxylon: Saprotting Ascomycete Pathogens of Hardwoods in Southern California
  • Fungi Identified from Failed Stems and Branches of Urban Trees
  • Elucidating "lucidum": Distinguishing the Many Faces of '  Ganoderma lucidum' in the United States
  • Laurel Wilt: an Emerging Threat to the Lauraceae in the United States
  • Tree Disease and Wood Decay as Agents of Environmental and Social Change
  • New to California: Diseases of common Landscape Plants
PDF 6/27/18
Landscape and Plant Pathology Notebook Volume 27, Issue 1
  • Research Rendezvous
  • Pruning Climate Ready Plants
  • First Year Pruning results on Climate Ready Trees in Four locations

Landscape and Plant Pathology Notebook


PDF 5/10/18
Volume 26, Issue 2

Exploring the art and science of pruning.

PDF 3/9/16
Volume 26, Issue 1

This issue contains a pruning survey conducted with Master Gardeners and information about Bot fungi during drought conditions.


PDF 3/2/16
Volume 25, Issue 1 -- September 2013
  • The Effects of Drought on Shade Trees
PDF 9/3/13
Volume 24 No. 1 -- November 2011
  • Why trees die
PDF 11/8/11
Volume 23 No1
  • Landscape Disease Symposium
  • Use of Mulches to Control Weeds in Landscapes
  • Hey Jim is on Facebook
  • Potting Media Studies
  • Hey its Conk Season Keep an eye on your palms!
Volume 22 No3 - November 2009
  • Drought, "water-wise" gardens and saving water in landscapes
Volume 22 No2 - July 2009
  • Establishing Landscape Trees
Volume 22 No1 - July 2009
  • What is wrong with Pygmy Date Palms???
  • Mulch affects on trees
Vol.21 No.1 - January 2008
  • Let the Wet Begin
  • Controlling Landscape Diseases
Vol.20 No.3 - October 2007
  • Deep Planting Kills!
Vol.20 No.2 - October 2007
  • Diagnosing Your Oak Tree: Part II Insects
Vol.20 No.1 - January 2007
  • The Wintersmith Was Here Research Results: Palm Fertility
Vol. 19,No.4 - December 2006
  • Diagnosing Your Oak Tree: Part 1 Diseases
Vol. 19, No. 3 - July 2006
  • Ventura College Offers Horticulture Classes
  • New Thrips Pest Attacks Myoporum
  • Fusarium Wilt Pathogen of Phoenix canariensis is a soil survivor
  • Palm Trunk Decays are Definitely in california
Vol. 19, No.2 - March 2006
  • Some factors about soil that you need to know to understand the biology of the oak tree in California.
Vol. 19, No. 1 - February 2006
  • Palm Research Symposia
  • Snake Oil, Horticultural Myths, Horticultural Urban Legends, and Persuaders in our Industry
Vol 18 No.4 December 2004
  • Ventura College Horticulture Program Provides Useful Spring Classes
  • Palm Tree Management, Part I: selecting the right palm
Vol. 18 No.3 November, 2004
  • Pruning Oak Trees in Southern California
Vol. 18 No.2 October 2004
  • Organic Amendments and Mulches for Palms: Mulching vs. Amending
  • Dendroconos valens: The Red Turpentine Beetle
Vol 18. No.1 - September 2004
  • Catastrophic Tree Damage from Wind
  • What's Up With The Redwoods?
Vol 17. No. 5&6 January 2004
  • Disease Notes: Armillaria Root Rot
Vol 17. No. 4 October 2003
  • Landscape Disease Symposium
  • Pruning to Control Diamond Scale
  • Trunk Injection with Trifloxystrobin and Myclobutanil to Control Powdery Mildew of Coast Live Oak
Vol 17. No. 3 August 2003
  • Ventura Community College Horticulture/Agriculture Classes for the Fall Semester
  • Palm Disease Notes - Diamond Scale
Vol 17. No. 2 July 2003
  • Powdery Oak Mildew - It's Everywhere!
  • Palm Disease Notes--Pink Rot
Vol 17. No. 1 June 2003
  • Landscape Entomology Symposium
  • Palm Disease Note Fusarium Wilt or NOT??
Vol.16 No. 1 June 2002
  • Herbicide Residue in Compost
Vol. XXI No. 21 October 2001
  • Lerp Psyllid News
  • Conk Season
  • Landscape Disease Symposium, 11/21/2001
Vol.14 No.4 - October 1999
  • Landscape Entomology/Disease Symposia
  • Phytophthora: an unseen menace in the landscape
Vol.14 No.3 - June, 1999
  • Coming Attraction
  • A new pest insect of Eucalyptus citriodora
  • Where have all the flowers gone?
  • Roundup--The DDT of the Nineties?
Vol.14 No.2 - Winter 1998-99
  • Another new Psyllid Pest
  • Flux Diseases in Trees
  • Giant Whitefly Hits Ventura
  • Horticulture Courses Offered at Ventura College